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Full Name: Neo Yi
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  I'm Neo, genome wolf girl. There's not much you can know about me. I tend to keep to myself and not reveal a lot of things. I've been a drawer since I was 2 and I hope to be a cartoonist someday or something dealing with art. That's basically about it. Enjoy my art and have a good time.

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08 Sep 2003 - 16:41 ET

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*points to the above...thing* That was supposed to be a comment and not a reply. x.- Okay, I had a moment, sorry there.

Amanda Hughes
(Anonymously Posted)
06 Mar 2003 - 08:05 ET
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I really love you gallery. The way you take orginal Sonic characters, and dress them up in those cool oriental clothes, and give them a whole new background, is so awesome!
08 Sep 2003 - 16:39 ET

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Your gallery has got to be my favourite at Side7, and I've been lurk-following it for awhile now. Keep it up, and especially more Vivi art! You have the most interesting and unique style for drawing Vivi that I've ever seen. *gives you a cookie*

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