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kidkourage will be 37 this year.
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  Hello! I'm your friendly neighborhood Self-Insertion Maniac, KidK Mirai! Yay! I'm just your average college girl with blonde hair, green eyes, glasses, and 19 people who are not her (and three others who *are* her o.o;) living in her head.'ll meet them all sooner or later if you talk to me for long enough! Red, sweetie, I'd *love* to help you watch your kids. Maybe later, okee? Helloooo~ Kioshi, hi Piper-chan! How's my little smeetikinseses...whoa. o.o; Red, ask your ma to help you for now, she's obviously good at it since she raised *you*. u.u...o.o Miyuki-sama thank you for the hug but it's *weird* when your arms go through me like that! Yes you rock. Okay you two go do that. I will just...hey, anybody seen my husband? Yeah, Purple, I know you couldn't care less. Read your manga. Don't you tell me to shut up! Oooo, you're as condescending as Vivikins! ~.~...O.O Yesh, Antonio? You hate that nickname? In that case, I'll be sure to...use it as much as possible. >] Well, fine, be that way. u.u MM do *you* know where Zim is? o.o; Yes, it's Monday. Why don't you know that? Have you been dri--of course you have. -.-;;; Lay off that stuff, man, it's bad for the musical genius braincells. ...GIR!! *You* know where to find Master, right? ;...........-.-; That hamster is not Master. What? You're hiding it from--O.O!!! Vix get off me I didn't steal your hamster it was Gir! I swear to gods!! Diiiiiiiiiv!! Heeeelp!! Rampaging blue-eyed Irken femme on my head!! ...thank you. ;.; Hopefully someday soon my neck will no longer be bent sideways. o.o; I'm sure you *could* help with that, 'Nny-kun. Just--aaaaAAAAAH! o.O...9.9...6.6...o.o Wow. No more painy!! WHEE!! Uhhh...sorry. ^.^; Didn't mean to surprise glomp ya, there. Hey, Todd? You better help the Johnny recover as best you--oh, he's gone. 6.6 Well, have you seen Zim? Yes I know he's very scary. Oh, so that means no? 9.9; All right. Good luck hiding from Gir and Vix. Yo, Dib! Where's the Zimmeh, you always know that, so I am asking you now. ...heh, yeah Gaz, good one. O.O Dib I didn't mean it! Where is the alien menace? Oh gods...*you* don't know?! What is this world coming to!?! 9.9; Oh right. You don't care anymore cuz Zim's too stupid to do anything anyw--hey!! Tha'ss mah *man* you's dissin', homes! 6.6 Yes I love you anyway. ...and no I didn't mean to smish you just then, and yes I understand why you're backing away in fear. o.@...6.6 Shoot. O.O! No, Fen, Vio, I do *not* think Dib is hot! Why are you bothering *me* with stuff like that? You bored with taunting your boss? -.-;; Hello,, I'm not delaying your minions in doing their duty, *they* were delaying *me* in--hey, you seen Zim? Oh, you'd rather not discuss barbaric Invaders? Well then I'm not discussing any alien culture with you, *nor* giving you any ice-cream. u.u Huh. 6.6...Lyra, where's Daddy? Okay, let's go. Zim? o.o Your girlies need you for hugs, like, *now*. Heh...yeeeeeeah, you are loved, honey. o.o What? You left the moon-controlling tractor beam *on*?!? I know I'm distracting but not *that* much...'s been nice knowing you... *crushed by falling moon*

Please enjoy my art...and go see my writing too! I love to get comments! ^_^

PS go see me at, as this account is pretty much not being updated anymore.

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19 Jan 2005 - 03:04 ET

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Hey, Iīm surprised with all your fan arts. They are so creative and your style is simply wonderful * _ * . Congratulations for your art

[ CarmillaD's Biography ]

30 Dec 2004 - 00:46 ET

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It took me a while to find your art and stories, but I found 'em! I don't know what it is about your stuff, but whenever I look, or read, I always feel really happy and uplifted.

I couldn't read all of your fanfics. Someone reported them before I could. >.< (Why can't script form be leagal!?)

Also, you hooked my on Terry Pratchett, so thanks for that!

Thanks for producing such a large amount of incredibly creative items, and for spreading a feeling of peace in my life. (and probably other people's too)
30 Dec 2004 - 23:24 ET

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Actually, I'm seriously considering posting up a list of my fanfictions and descriptions of such in my Deadjournal and offering to e-mail them to people in Word document form. ^.^; You're not the first to tell me recently that my stories have been taken down off ffn (I don't frequent the place anymore to keep track) and that they wish they could read them all. It's immensely flattering to me, and I thank you for your kind words. Look for the list sometime in January when I get back to school, if you're still interested.

07 Sep 2004 - 20:01 ET

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I know you! I just added a pic of your's to my favs on DeviantART today. woot! I'll add you to my museum...

05 Aug 2004 - 10:56 ET

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Wow, I Love all your art KidK. your a great artist. I also love your fanfics at Im Glad your a Zim fan too

[ Jhonen_Vasquez_Stalker's Biography ]

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