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Full Name: B Sanders
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You have entered the small, insignificant space claimed by me, Fragmented Imagination, otherwise known as B. Sanders. I've been drawing for quite a while, most of it from "How to Draw Manga" guidebooks. While most people might disapprove of this method of learning to draw (primarily because now I can't draw anything else), I have found it a friendly way to get some of my ideas out of my head, where they're likely to get lost or destroyed by my inability to maintain them.

I also like to write a lot of fiction, so most of the characters or items which appear on this site are likely to be involved with one of the many different ideas I've had over the years. In addition to drawing and writing, I also like to use 3D modeling programs, so you're just as likely to see those models appear on here as well.

I look forward to my time on this site.

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  Ever have that feeling?on 10 Dec 2011 - 18:30 ET
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That feeling that, somehow, everything around you is coming to a close in anticipation of something major happening?
I was talking to an old instructor just yesterday. She remarked that it felt like everyone that was in her class with me was just leaving. Which makes sense; along with myself, a number of my friends have been just slowly drifting away for the past couple of years. But now it feels like everything, not just friends, is slowly changing around me. Come next week, I won't have a reason to come back to where I am not. Thinking about it made me a little sad last night (though, granted, the music I was listening to while walking about outside didn't exactly help). It feels like graduating high school, but somehow the feeling's so much stronger than that. It's a bit of an evil dynamic. On the one hand, I really don't want to leave these people that I've made good friends with. On the other, though, the fact of the matter is that I have to leave in order to continue on with my future. It kind of sucks to think of the fun I won't be having because I'm not here. Heh. If there was ever a time I wish I could be in two places at once, I would definitely say that it's now.
At the same time, though, it's not completely goodbye. I've lived a fair distance from family before, and I've always tried my best to keep contact with them. And I've had to do the same with friends before. What makes this different though is the realization that it will be a long time before I can satisfy any whim of returning to this place. But as I go on with my fingers crossed, I've at least got the memories to look back on.


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16 Mar 2010 - 17:00 ET

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'Sup, Hitoko! ^^ Good to see you here!
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