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Full Name: Shaddie
Username: Shadowwolf
Other Aliases: Shaddiewolf, Shaddie, Lupae
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Sex: Female
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Shadowwolf turned 2020 this year.
Location: Washington, U.S of A
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AIM: Shaddievulf
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Favourites (3): Fantasy (1), Miscellaneous (2)

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Preferred Categories: Fan Art - Other
Furry / Anthropomorphic

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Rainbow Kee (wolf_equus)Sarah MacClure (zarathus)

  Yeah, I like stuff and things.

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12 Nov 2010 - 02:43 ET

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thank ye kindly for the compliments. Always appreciated mind you. Keep up on the good work of your own although be it I do not see myself here long it is always a pleasure~ perhaps I shall rummage your sheezyart account~ * bows*

Defunct User Account
26 Nov 2008 - 23:11 ET
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Defunct User Account
21 Mar 2007 - 12:11 ET
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I found you through FA and this site inspired me ( via means of you ) to sponsor it because I believe in your work and this site's mission

keep up the fantastic work

Defunct User Account
31 Aug 2005 - 15:26 ET
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Awesome gallery!!!!! Luv your art!!!!! There is a gift for you in my gallery, it sucks but hope you like it. Can you put some comment in my gallery? I re-opened it some days ago and I had to erase all the past things and the comments were erased with them xP Yeah I'm stoopid. See ya!

11 Feb 2005 - 19:22 ET

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Your gallery is DUBLY amazing. O.O I really love it. Words really can't describe the extent of your talent. Your anatomy of the animals(creatures) you make is unbelievable... I mean... yeah, seriously... okay, I'm babling lol. You are truly talented... I'm serious... You're probably one of Side7's Greatest in my opinion... obviously in others' perspective as well by looking at all of these wonderful comments. You've dont well and PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE keep up the great work and never quit it! *HUGZ*

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