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Full Name: Ivan Onestrani
Username: IvanTDN
Other Aliases: DCM, Professor Longhair
Joined Side 7: 20 Apr 2004
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Sex: Male
Birthday: 20 Dec 1967
IvanTDN will be 54 this year.
Location: Louisiana, USA
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Main Gallery (25): Fan Art - Book (4), Fan Art - Other (1), Fantasy (4), Furry / Anthropomorphic (1), Humanoid (5), Miscellaneous (10)
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Furry / Anthropomorphic

  Most of my art is for our home-bred RPG.
The first location and adventure started witha a piece I did in pastels... 27 years later still running several times a week.
Started w/ EPT and S&S [original, pre-D&D]
adapted as people wanted to intro characters rom other games came out... still like ours way better. May publish someday, maybe posthumusly like Arduin did. Registered w/ LOC just in case.
Me and the wifey are in Baton Rouge LA where pretty stuck since being disabled and losing teaching and research {Chemical Physicist... NOT the other way around} career. 'nuff sad stuff. When hands listening the art still comes sometimes. Only put my favorites and non-group works [we do some of those. May put others later.
interested in our RPG? email us.

If want to play maybe "Long time gaming group has openings for dependable, mentally mature RPG-ers.
18 up acceptable if can handle self, younger needs parent permission.
Losing some people due to graduations etc..need 2 or 3 more.
House-game, mixed mileau of Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Detective, even some Horror.
Contiguous world since '77'. Call 1-877-520-5870 or e-mail
No 'Lawyers, Cheaters, or Megalos' need call."
We also have game-journal examples done POV by players on request.
Hands going dead.
Ivan Onestrani [yes, an alias]

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23 Apr 2004 - 14:27 ET

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Oh; i love your artwork I dont generally like computer generated pictures, or better, i may admire them but i think its just tecnique not art. Yours instead are so different. I like how you experience with various effects and end up with really artistic pieces
23 Apr 2004 - 17:38 ET

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23 Apr 2004 - 17:42 ET

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