Side 7 Fixed It
By ✧𝓒𝔂𝓷 𝓢𝓱𝓲𝓷𝓮✧ (Cynicallia)
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  Fixed It — By ✧𝓒𝔂𝓷 𝓢𝓱𝓲𝓷𝓮✧ (Cynicallia)  
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  Fixed It — By ✧𝓒𝔂𝓷 𝓢𝓱𝓲𝓷𝓮✧ (Cynicallia)  
Rating: T (L,O)
Category: Fan Art - Game
Classified: Finished Piece
Filesize: 2.42 Mb
Dimensions: 1750 x 1350
  11 Mar 2020 - 10:35 ET
(It's consensual. This was what she asked for here.)

Whip: Yo, kiddo.
Nova: Oh dang.. hi, Dad? Does this mean I went Super Nova?
Whip: I doubt it. We're hard to kill.
Nova: I haven't forgotten. Sorry I haven't avenged you yet. I'm working on it, I promise.
Whip: Eh, don't worry about that any more. I mainly had my hopes set on reincarnating. But, it looks like I won't be getting any grandkids outta you now.
Nova: I don't think it works like that, anyway. How does any of this work.. why am I..?
Whip: Who even knows? Hah! Your friend here is a riot. Plays it real cool all the time but look at him now.
Nova: Rip's not my friend, we just work together.
Whip: Okay kiddo, if you say so.
Nova: Looks like he finished my job, but what is he doing now? What's he holding?
Whip: Jerk the Ripper over there did his thing. Stitched you shut then realized he had a spare part he couldn't account for. Now he's having a panic attack thinking he screwed up; not because he cares or anything, that's just how his ego is.
Nova: He doesn't care about me. We hate each other.
Whip: Sure, sure. Whatever you say, kiddo. I wish I had a guy like that in my crew. I'd still be raising hell earth-side.
Nova: So what's that gross lump.. do I need it..?
Whip: He's going to feel like an idiot when he realizes that thing is.. was.. the other half of his breakfast that he didn't get to yet.
Nova: Haha, what a maroon!
Whip: You're turning into quite the little jerk, Nova. Finally joined the Dark Side, huh?
Nova: Eh.. sorry, Dad, I'm doing the best I can.
Whip: Don't be sorry. I'm really proud of you! Except for what you did to my motorcycle. That wasn't cool, kiddo.
Nova: I screwed up there. But, doesn't that mean you can have it back, now that it's dead?
Rip: You know, you might be onto something. I'll have to see if it works like that.
Nova: Why would you be proud that I'm becoming a bad guy?
Whip: It's in your blood, through and through. You had me worried with that bounty hunting shtick, but I'm glad to see you moved on. This new partnership was the luckiest thing you could've pulled off.
Nova: What are you talking about? You were a cop, weren't you? I still have your badge.
Whip: Hahahaha! Wow, is that how you remember your old man? Kiddo, you need to let this guy work on you more often so we can have a longer talk. Better crawl back into your meatsuit now before you drift too far.
Nova: I miss you, Dad. Sorry I had to crush your dreams of maybe-baby-reincarnatey. That was never gonna happen, though.
Whip: It's alright, I have other avenues. You were my Plan A, but there's always a backup.
Nova: What are you rambling about now? What backup plan..? To.. be reborn, or whatever..?
Whip: You were the wild one, wild and free. My first choice. I didn't want to have to fall back on my other options but I've got nothing to lose at this point. I'm going to stop haunting you for a while. Maybe it'll help your luck, eh? Your brother is at that age where he could use some of my guidance now.
Nova: I don't have a brother. It was just us, Dad. Us and Mom. Now it's only me.
Whip: Honestly, kiddo, you probably have dozens of brothers and sisters out there. And you might want to ditch that "badge", it's a beacon for trouble. Look where it got me.
Nova: What are you saying? None of this makes any sense!
Whip: Don't worry about it, then. You're going to forget all of this in a few minutes, anyway.
Nova: No, you don't get to drop a bomb on me like that, and disappear!
Whip: Stay mean, baby. It suits you.

Referenced Source: Sonic the Hedgehog

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