Side 7 Mirrored Promise - Kieran
By Ashley Venable (snowhawk)
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  Mirrored Promise - Kieran — By Ashley Venable (snowhawk)  
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  Mirrored Promise - Kieran — By Ashley Venable (snowhawk)  
Rating: E
Category: Furry / Anthropomorphic
Classified: Undefined
Filesize: 688.84 Kb
Dimensions: 531 x 850
  20 Nov 2019 - 22:46 ET
Put a shirt on. Get your paws off the couch.

My original plan for the character introductions was individually, as so, all sitting on a chair or couch in some inappropriate manner. Every character in this story is some flavor of queer, and this was going to be "too gay to sit straight" series.

That didn't work out for various reasons. Time was the biggest one, strain on my hand/wrist for another was the next. But it works out for Kier, because the character he would have been with is a spoiler.

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Artwork © 2019 Ashley Venable

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