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By Lynne (lynne)
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  Persian Themed — By Lynne (lynne)  
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  Persian Themed — By Lynne (lynne)  
Rating: E
Category: Fan Art - Animation/Comic
Classified: Finished Piece
Filesize: 115.00 Kb
Dimensions: 724 x 751
  16 Oct 2003 - 21:30 ET
I've been putting off coloring this one.. I was bored with it. -.- I wanted to draw the OTHER 'couple' in KidK's Halloween pic, me and AF's Zim, because are costumes ROCK, they do. We're themed Persian. Because the Phantom spent lots of time in Persia so this makes AF's Zim happy. Strange strange little man. But he has a COOL costume 8D And so do I. KidK is an amazing costume design-y person, she is. And look, I've got my oud! My oud of MADNESS. It's Turkish, not Persian... but eh.. middle-eastern/oriental...

Artwork © 2003 Lynne

Additional Credits: IZ belongs to JV, this Zim belongs to AF, costumes are by KidK

Referenced Source: Invader Zim

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