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DevBlog Update - Side 7 v4



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Subject: DevBlog Update - Side 7 v4 Posted: 26 Mar 2008 - 14:49 ET

Work continues on this, and at a dizzying rate. The unfortunate part is that the work has been diluted somewhat. What I mean is, the global code that runs v4 is also used to run a number of other sites I host, so my time has been split between all those sites.

Much progress is being made, but it's mostly been on the global codebase, and not on Side 7-specific code. Mostly.

User account creation and confirmation/automatic activation has been finished. No more admin involvement in the activating of user accounts. The user, themselves, are responsible for doing that, but if anything throws a red flag, then admins are automatically notified so they can look into it.

Account deletion will be handled in a similar fashion.

After this, Gallery and Account management tools for the Side 7 userbase! Then, I'll open the door to Beta Testers. (Interested in Beta Testing v4? Let me know!! E-mail me at badkarma at side7 dot com, or reply with your e-mail address and name here!)

-- BK

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Subject: RE: DevBlog Update - Side 7 v4 Posted: 27 Mar 2008 - 00:50 ET

Sounds like you're chugging along quite well. Certainly it's nice to have more Side 7 v.4 stuff done, but making sure your code works for multiple sites increases efficiency, which benefits Side 7 even more than just having more v.4 stuff done.
Keep up the good work.

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DevBlog Update - Side 7 v4

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