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Reading, reading... done!

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Subject: Reading, reading... done! Posted: 24 Dec 2007 - 01:32 ET

After reading a sample of "The Canterbury Tales" by Geoffrey Chaucer in English Literature (yes, I took Literature, I'm fruity that way), I bought it, read it and finished it!!

It's both amusing and touching. But how sad I am that Chaucer never finished it. Man, that'd be one heck of a bedtime story. Now I am attempting to take the version I have, read the Middle English version, and translate it so that it's in a language we can easily understand, but still rhymes like it did in Middle English. I know, plenty of writers have already done it, but... I think too much.

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Subject: RE: Reading, reading... done! Posted: 26 Dec 2007 - 00:45 ET

That sounds like a really fun project! That's a good story!

-- BK

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Reading, reading... done!

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