Side 7 27 March 2007 - The Muse-ic Mix With Bad Karma!  
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27 March 2007 - The Muse-ic Mix With Bad Karma!


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Subject: 27 March 2007 - The Muse-ic Mix With Bad Karma! Posted: 27 Mar 2007 - 09:01 ET

Side 7 Radio presents The Muse-ic Mix with Bad Karma!

Join us for some fun, Tuesday nights @ 10:00 PM EST as Bad Karma performs his live show designed to help inspire an artist. The Muse-ic Mix is a block of energetic music, mixed with anecdotes and interactive fun. Most of us enjoy well-designed soundtracks for certain moments or scenes in a movie. They help with atmosphere, and keep things moving. Likewise, certain music can inspire certain kinds of imagery and the imagination. Imagine the Muse-ic Mix as the soundtrack for your artwork.

Tune in directly!

Get involved! Have fun!
Please join us in the Side 7 IRC channel to interact with other listeners, artists, and the station DJs. Connect to 6667 with your IRC client, or use our convenient web-based client. Or, you can contact the DJ directly over AIM, username S7Radio. Have any requests, dedications, or comments? E-mail us at or contact us directly via AIM or IRC.

Have a request, dedication, or shout-out?
Reply to this thread to get a request, dedication, or shout-out in the 06 March Muse-ic Mix show!

Side 7 Radio broadcasts 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, with live shows interspersed throughout. Please see our station web site for more information.

-- BK

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27 March 2007 - The Muse-ic Mix With Bad Karma!

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