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fantasy online comic needs artists!


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Subject: fantasy online comic needs artists! Posted: 24 Jul 2010 - 19:07 ET

Elven Lacryment online comic is looking for a new artist!

The mature, high fantasy webcomic is trying a new direction, with an unique artist each issue.

What is Elven Lacryment?
Elven Lacryment started out as a webcomic by two girls, one who wrote and one who drew.
Unfortunately life happened in both positive and negative ways and updating the comic became erratic, then basically non-existent.

The girls decided that it was unfair to both the story and the readers to just update whenever, so a new plan of attack was formed.

Q, the writing girl re-wrote sizable portions of the story, re-working the narrative and giving it more pop and bite, transforming it into something a little less self-serving and shallow.

While that was going on, Alex, the art girl drew a 7 page prologue, inspired by the old issue 1.

Where do we go from here?
Well, Q and Alex had a lot of discussion about it, and the pair decided to transform Elven Lacryment into something new, something more useful than a common derivative webcomic.

The New Elven Lacryment
Elven Lacryment is a story written by the girl known as Q, and drawn by you.


Elven Lacryment is now an ongoing comic aiming to have a different and fresh artist each issue! This is a wonderful chance to sharpen your skills and ready your portfolio....

If you're interested, please follow this link and read on, dear friends, read on.

DISCLAIMER: Elven Lacryment is a series aimed towards a mature audience that deals with graphic violence and mature subject matter. While it is not graphic in-and-out, it's only suitable for those of legal age. Thank you.

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fantasy online comic needs artists!

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