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Any Steam users here?


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Subject: Any Steam users here? Posted: 13 Jun 2021 - 18:32 ET

If you have an account on Steam and play on it frequently, feel free to provide your username in this thread so that others can find you.

As obvious as it is, I use the same username on Steam as I do here and that's BronzeHeart92.


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Subject: RE: Any Steam users here? Posted: 18 Jun 2021 - 02:11 ET

Hey there! Welcome to Side7. I'm Cyn. If you play Don't Starve Together, you can add me (Cynicallia) on Steam. I don't play too many others, and the ones I do play aren't multiplayer. But definitely add me if you're into DST because I'm always looking for new Survivor friends.

It's kinda dead here and you might need to track down BK off-site to get the E-mail validation thing sorted out. I don't want to post anyone's personal info here, but if you're on another art site with private messaging (DA, FA, Instagram) I can point you in his direction. (I would've commented on your other post, but this site runs so slowly for me that I just don't want to try commenting on multiple posts right now.)

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Any Steam users here?

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