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lhyvohnICON2.jpg Lhyvohn
Originally created as an avatar for the NCD, Lhyvohn is nevertheless become a strong inspiration for me in her very mode and way of being. She was a personal ideal or hero for me and I forgot that for several years, only to rediscover my charm at her independence and authority in her making of music much later.

Last Modified: 06 December, 2006
laudluxICON1.jpg Misht Soloi
Also known as: 'my Dragon self'.

A strong presence for me since the year 2000, though my relationship and level of identification with her has changed dynamically over the years. She is a touch of my soul, perhaps more than a touch. She is my true way of being.

Last Modified: 06 December, 2006
vivaldiICON8.jpg Rossi
Also known as: Viva, Antonio.

You see a lot of him, he dresses old fashioned and has long red hair, he's a priest and he plays the violin. He has been a figure in my life for several years, though he used to be a 'character' of my friend KidK's, she gave him to me and he has thus been the catalyst for a lot of imaginative adventure and inner work on my part.

He is something of my soulmate, now.

Last Modified: 06 December, 2006