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Ah, my alter ego. I first drew her out after I saw "The Nightmare Begins." I actually used Dib's design when I first drew her. But she demaned that her head was to be normal sized. So, I drew her with a smaller head and shoved a cookie in my ear to shut that headvoice up. But she was still a little midget with a ponytail. A few days after I first sketched her out, I got my hair cut, and so, I changed her hair style to match mine. She didn't have the pointy bangs at first, but I was looking at some anime art and wonderd what pointy bangs would look like in IZ style. This is the result. Her hair style stays the same, even though mine changes. She likes her hair. She says it's her trademark. After some time, I started giving her shape to the eyes. Instead of the round Dib-ish kind, her eyes evolved into a pointy square type. I left her glasses plain white, and didn't give her actual irises until I figured out that you couldn't tel where she was looking with just plain whiteness. So, her glasses became see through. Over time she became taller and taller, until, she reached the hight of 5'6. Her clothes stayed the same, but I have her longer gloves with no fingers. But then she wanted something to spice up her apparence. I tried giving her a new outfit, but nothing seemed to fit. So I just added kitty ears attatched to a headband. She liked it, and soon, those ears became stuck to her head forever. I gave her a tail too, and that's how she became a werecat. I tried drawing her with different animal parts(snake, wolf, and even a dragonfly at one point) but she didn't like any of those. I told her to shut up and I'll give her another cookie. She has different forms she can turn into. Homid(human), Sokto(the werekitty shape she's mostly in), Crinos(kitty with a human shape), Chatro(a big sabor-thooth kitty) and feline. Those forms are from the RPG game Werewolf. I played it once, and Bast said that she wanted those forms. And she wanted to be a Bubasti. "But you're a finished character, dammit!" Says I. "Screw you. Gimmie a HISTORY here!" Says Bast. And so I did. And that's how she came to be. I don't think she's gonna chage anytime soon.

Last Modified: 16 February, 2003