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Silver_The_Weasel_BH[1].jpg Silva The Weasel
Name: Silva The Weasel
Nicknames: Miss Silver
Age: 24
Likes: She likes to listen to music, and being a bounty hunter (sometimes)
Dislikes: ???
Species: Weasel
Eyes: Brown Hair: Silver
Abilites: She has a stun gun, and rides a sky-cycle;
she can fight, and she will do so when necessary.

Appearances: A silver colored weasel, with a red-orange vest and fingerless gloves. Back dress/now shirt &
shorts and boots, gold rings on her tail. [Note: She does not have a very big fang, it does not show as much].
Appearances in Stories: The Oddest Things can be True.

History: REWORKING ON IT. Sept 2020
Note: Please DO NOT use my character without permission. thank you.

Last Modified: 14 September, 2020